We’re not crazy, we have a purpose!

In the spring of 2009, several of the members of the New Glory Flag Bike Team joined in the “Ride to the Wall”, an annual Memorial Day motorcycle ride hosted in Washington, D.C. to recognize the contribution made by our veterans.  This ride, also known as Rolling Thunder, stirred up a dream in us that we couldn’t shake.

The members were moved by their experience and motivated to build their dream – add a framework to a bike which displays at least 50 U.S. Flags, as well as an additional flag pole to carry an event sponsor’s flag. The frame was constructed on a 2000 Harley Davidson Low Rider owned by Team Captain, Chris Hawver, and carries over 32,000 square inches of red, white and blue. The Flag Bike is accompanied by seven Harley-Davidson escorts, each proudly bearing a 3’ x 5’ U.S. flag.  See the About Us page.

The Team has received national and local TV and print coverage as well as participated in a documentary. NGFB participates in parades, sporting events, charity functions, and military welcome-home and send-offs.

Our Focus

The New Glory Flag Bike (NGFB) Team's mission is to honor, recognize and re-ignite our citizen's patriotism and pride in America, whether it comes from our great founding fathers, our nation's Constitution and Bill of Rights, or the freedoms our brave service men and women selfishly defend. Whatever your political or religious beliefs, your sex, or the color of your skin, we will delight your senses when you see over 48,000 square inches of red, white and blue American Glory rolling down your street.

The New Glory Flag Bike Team is a veteran outreach program of Accident Scene Management’s Road Guardians. Road Guardians is a charitable 501(c)(3) program that reduces injuries and fatalities to motorcyclists through educated responsible riding.

We appreciate opportunities to participate in helping further worthwhile causes. We do not charge for any appearance, but we do accept charitable donations to off-set expenses.

Make your Request

If we can assist you with your event/parade, please complete the “Request Appearance” form.